The Face Machine: The Artwork
There is a heavy round-table in a darkened room. On the table, equally spaced, lie eight face masks. In the space surrounded by the table is a
hospital bed with a small body. In place of a face, the body bears a shining metal void. The table slowly rotates around the bed. At some
point the rotation stops. A robotic arm picks up one of the face masks and places it on the body. A light shines on the body and we hear the
voice of a person discuss pivotal moments of their lives and how their values and their views on what is good and what is bad have been
shaped by different experiences. The voice falls silent and the robotic arm removes the mask from the body and returns it to the table. The
table resumes rotation. The cycle continues.

Face Machine: The Collection
The design of the face machine raises a fundamental question: What is unique about an individual, face or body; fact or fiction; appearance
or emotion; mind or heart; surface or depth; past or future; experience or dream? While faces, voices and stories can be swapped; the body
as an destination remains the same. Is our outlook wholly determined by our experiences or are there, after all, shared underlying moral principles
that shine through appearances enacting our future? 

If Face Machine defines a mechanism to unveil our masks underneath our bodily surfaces; Face Machine: The Collection customizes hidden personas, and have them projected outwards. Each silhouette masquerades an ordinary individual's advance deeply into her alter-ego's
mind-maze, travel speedily in a fictional age, across gender, through light and darkness, as if without gravity and burden. Our female
protagonist dives into abstraction of memories, brainwave patterns, polar energies erupted by natural phenomenon, cityscape of heaven's
hell, liberating her control for freedom and justices. Her asymmetric rippling drapes, prominent inserts of shape, pockets and antithetical
bonded fabrics, tailored with unexpected cuts calibrate our unique stylistic vocabularies.